Test Audi Q8 50 TDi 286 hp

The Audi Q7 was not enough, so in Ingolstadt we concocted the Q8. This mechanical monster full of technology intends to exist among his classmates in beautiful neighborhoods. To get an idea, we went in Megeve Haute-Savoie region, to discover in its launch version equipped with the turbocharged V6 286 horsepower.

-A beautiful baby!

The Audi Q8 is immediately noticed wherever it goes. 5 m long, 2 m wide, 1.70 m high, these are the dimensions that make you dizzy. Its huge octagonal grille imposes. Its Matrix lights with distinctive light signature make it very modern. By taking a step aside, we take a look at the huge wheels of 22 inches!

Even in the “normal” position, when you open the door, you will notice a belt that reaches the height of your little servant’s chest. And yet Audi was able to boost his big baby by muscling his shoulders, not to mention a very sloping flag. The taillights seem to be connected in one piece by the tailgate. Finally he keeps a style very close to the concept of Detroit appeared in 2017.

-A luxurious interior and techno

Inside, we enter a luxurious and futuristic cabin. It turns out to be A8, A6 and A7. We thus find a very clean dashboard, lined with 3 color screens. We will notice first of all obviously the Virtual Cockpit behind the wheel, a touch pad (with a haptic feedback grabbing!) Superior dedicated to the management of the infotainment, and just below one to manage air conditioning in particular.

As usual, everything is adjusted to the micron. With so many veneers and other bright screens, expect to become pretty maniacal. The bright atmosphere completes the upscale atmosphere. The comfort of the upholstery will obviously satisfy everyone. In addition to the back the separate bench can slide on 10 cm to optimize the comfort of passengers. For the luggage, count 605 liters which will suffice most of the time, but we saw better.

-A discreet and powerful engine

When you enter, you can easily adjust your position. The multiple electrical settings of the front seats allow to install perfectly as desired. In the first kilometers, we immediately appreciate the exemplary tranquility that emerges. The 3.0 V6 under the hood is discreet and barely audible in acceleration. His strong couple is enough to move this big baby without difficulty.

The Tiptronic 8-speed box smooth and smooth in its passages reports is forgotten. Frankly, we forced ourselves to use the sequential mode just to test reactivity, not bad in the matter for that matter. Its comfortable power puts it safe in all situations, overtaking or insertion on a highway. We are even rather scared of all the cars that we catch up, which seem to depart at the sight of leds in the retro. Good for the ego …

-More agile with 4-wheel steering

The chassis that rests on a controlled suspension effectively erases all the irregularities of the road. It keeps at the same time enough rigor to limit the movements of boxes, especially the roll. The Q8 being lower than a Q7, we had some doubts about maintaining a high level of comfort, but it is not so. The weight is felt, especially on some braking supported.

Nevertheless we praise the agility (for an SUV of these dimensions) facilitated by the 4 steering wheels. This is an option that seems essential to us. He proves to be significantly more dynamic than his big brother in the lineup. We even allowed ourselves to climb a rocky road, with care given our road tires. Going up the plate and being careful where you stand thanks to the extraordinary 360 cameras, no problem! An aid to the descent simplifies even our life by returning to the valley.

-Surprise! It is expensive…

With all its high-level driving aids, which almost automate driving on the motorway (you can not let go of the steering wheel for too long), connecting two points is a simple formality. You are given the opportunity to lend the car with virtual keys via smartphone etc. While waiting for a more modest version of the V6, for the moment it is necessary to pay 78 300 € minimum. Between the possibilities of personalization and the multiple options, the price rises quickly very high beyond 100 000 €.